In the summer of 1974, the founder of Fraunheimer Fine Meat worked as a ranch hand in Montana on his great-uncle Bud Fraunhofer’s ranch. Bud was an old-school cowboy, holding to his ideals where his word was his bond and you always did things so they would stay done.


That first-hand experience on the ranch with Bud as his guide was an education – on the value of hard work and the bold flavors that come from clean ingredients and beef raised as nature intended. Through Fraunheimer Fine Meat, we pay tribute to Bud Fraunhofer and a way of life that honored the land and the animal, with no short cuts. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t trademark “Fraunhofer,” so we’ve taken some liberties with the name…)


Flavor is king with Fraunheimer, representing the pinnacle of bringing together the very best of two meats, American Wagyu beef and Heritage pork.


Humanely raised, the American Wagyu beef and Heritage pork that becomes Fraunheimer sausages and hot dogs is exceptionally flavorful and has no added hormones or chemical food additives, delivering an authentic deliciousness all its own.


•    American Wagyu Beef & Heritage Pork Blend   •

•   Born and raised in the U.S.   •

•   Humanely raised animals   •

•   Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef

Easy access to fresh air   •

•   Clean water, and high quality, vegetarian feed   •

•   No nitrates, nitrites, or celery powder added   •

•   All natural ingredients   •

•   Nothing artificial   •

                        Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef